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"Letting go of yourself and surrendering is the only way to break the ego of "I" and be one with all."
- H. H. Shivkrupanand Swami
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"Travel inwards at least once, dive into the ocean, and surrender the control of your body to the soul."
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Meditation for Everyone

Samarpan Meditation is a way to turn inward, to discover the wealth of wellbeing, satisfaction and happiness that lies within each one of us.

Feel The Difference Within You

When we approach anything in life with openness and without expectation, we let the experience happen naturally, because our thoughts about what should or shouldn’t happen don’t get in the way.

How Meditation Can Help You?

The awakening of this inner wisdom results in positive changes across many areas of life. These changes are personal and unique to each of us.

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Why Samarpan?

A rare opportunity to understand and experience this 800 years old Himalayan Meditation, in the live presence of H.H. Shri Shivkrupanand Swami, who spent 16 years in the Himalayas with sages wishing for us to become our own Guru.,
Let us progress together to achieve our common goal of lasting joy with spiritual and overall wellness while promoting Peace and Progress.

Meditation Mantra (Hindi)

Meditation Mantra (English)

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