Virtual Fundraiser Event 2021

12th Anniversary Celebration

We are glad to inform you that the Pathotsav โ€“ the 12th Anniversary of the establishment of โ€˜The Shree Mangal Murti for the Americasโ€™ by P. P. Swamiji in Canada is on Sunday the 22nd August 2021. 

 To celebrate we have special events organized at Shree Guru Shakti Dham in the Ashram of the Americas.

21st August 2021(Saturday): Starting 9 am onwards participate in WALK/RUN/ BIKE, a sponsored fundraiser starting with a collective walkathon of participants and sponsors, in our respective cities/towns/ countries aiming to cover 5063 km.
22nd August 2021(Sunday): Participate in meditation at Shree Guru Shakti Dham in the Ashram or at your respective places starting from 8.15 am EDT

Walk/Run/Bike for a cause!

The aim is to approach our friends and relatives for sponsorship to take part in WALK/RUN/BICK events and to collectively cover the distance in excess of 6000 km from coast to coast to coast of the American Continents over August/September. All the funds raised will be used towards the construction of the first phase of the Shre Guru Shakti Dham. There will be a walkathon organized by Quebec participants from the Ashram of the Americas starting from 9.00 a.m EST on 21 August 21. At this time Ashram is open for Quebec only and we are seeking advice/ recommendations from a group of Samarpan sadhak doctors regarding the possibility of opening the ashram for sadhaks outside Quebec. We will let everyone know if and when that happens. In the meantime let us all join in the joint celebrations.

While you work towards your goal for this event, please email the fun picture of your walk/run/bike by 6th September 2021
To [email protected].
These pictures will be shared as our gift of the duel events to P. P. Swamiji.

Share the event on social media and with your friends & family to stay motivated and increase awareness.

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