Volunteer Opportunity to Become Area Head

Become a Samarpan Canada Area Head For Your Province!

Opportunity for Guru Karya: Think of yourself as a cheerleader, connector, and a beacon of positivity in the Samarpan Canada family. This is all about being a medium of Guru Energies by spreading the good vibes of Swamiji’s teachings and keeping everyone in the loop. This is a 3-year term.

What You Will Learn To Do:

  • Keep the Buzz Going: Share awesome events, updates, and inspiration with your area’s Sadhaks. Be the one who gets everyone excited about meditations, workshops, and all things Samarpan.
  • Be the Bridge: You’re the go-to connection between the Directors and your areaโ€™s Sadhaks. Make sure everyone feels heard and that awesome ideas get passed along.
  • Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: Lead a super-cool Area Task Force โ€“ your trusty Sadhak for planning retreats, meetups, and other fantastic events.
  • Welcome Wagon: Roll out the red carpet for new Sadhaks! Send friendly messages and make them feel part of the awesome Samarpan family.
  • Got Questions? You’ve Got Answers: Be the resident expert for your area โ€“ either answer Sadhaks’ questions yourself or find someone who can!

Extra Awesome Stuff:

  • Meditation Time: Keep everyone on track with reminders about meditation times.
  • Reach Out and Touch Someoneโ€™s Heart: Don’t be shy! Check in with the Sadhaks in your area and build those connections.

Why This Rocks: You get to be a positive force in our Samarpan family, get to do Guru Karya, and make some amazing friends along the way.

If this sounds interesting, donโ€™t wait, fill out the application before March 15 2024! Guru Energies will be there to guide you!

If you would like more information or help, please reach out to our awesome sources of information Minesh Jariwala(514-567-9714) or Avdhut Salvi(416-457-8724).

Registration for this opportunity is closed.

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